Missoula County Commission Receives Milltown Superfund Project Update

January 14, 2009

Milltown January 2009

The Missoula County Commissioners received an update on the Milltown Superfund project from EPA and state officials this week. EPA officials offered highlights of the last 15 months of work on the project, which include:

* Construction of site infrastructure (bypass channel, berms, haul roads, etc.)
* Excavation of contaminated sediments (which is now more than 60 percent complete)
* Hauling sediments off-site for use in reclamation at the Anaconda Superfund site
* Removal of the powerhouse
* Diversion of the Clark Fork River into the bypass channel
* Breaching of the Milltown Dam
* Removal of most of the dam (though work continues on the spillway and the divider block)
* Replacement of the Pedestrian Bridge and the State Highway 200 Bridge
* Mitigation of the I-90 Bridge
* Completion of a conceptual redevelopment plan for the site
* Completion of Bonner-Milltown pedestrian trails

For more details, see KPAX’s news coverage and the EPA’s most recent update (PDF).

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