January 15, 2008

The EPA has announced that it will no longer hold regular Milltown Health and Safety meetings. According to EPA project manager Russ Forba, the monthly meetings were originally set up to ensure that the local emergency responders (Fire/Sheriff Departments), Missoula County, and the Bonner School were informed about cleanup activities that affect the health and safety in the community and county. In an email announcement, he noted: “Attendance at the last few meetings has fallen off and some of the key players have not been present. EPA believes that these meetings have outlived their usefulness and that there are many other ways to keep these entities effectively informed.”

The EPA says it will continue to keep the Sheriff/Fire/County/School personnel directly informed about site activities. It will also work to keep the larger community informed via weekly site updates, weekly office hours in Milltown, project websites, and periodic public meetings.

Project staff are also available by email and by phone at the following numbers: EPA community involvement coordinator, Diana Hammer 457-5040, DEQ’s Keith Large 841-5039, and EPA project manager, Russ Forba 457-5042.

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