January 17, 2008

The Montana Natural Resource Damage Program’s newly finished restoration design plan for the Clark Fork and Blackfoot Rivers near the Milltown Dam site is now available online. The state’s effort dovetails with the dam and sediment removal and seeks to return the rivers to a naturally functioning condition, to protect water quality and wildlife habitat and to offer safe recreational opportunities.

Click for a direct link to the design summary and implementation plan (PDF, 2Mb) or follow this link to the NRD program’s FTP site to find the complete plan and all its appendices. Details on accessing the documents follow the jump.The NRDP FTP site contains the Milltown Restoration Design 2008. This design package is titled, “Design Summary and Implementation Plan.” Included in this package is the draft construction plan set, materials list, revegetation plan, restoration schedule, and riverine structure summary. The documents are numbered 1 through 10 for easier downloading. The Design Summary and Implementation Plan and Appendices B, C, D, and E are relatively small in size. Appendix A is the construction plan set that includes a series of larger figures.

To download the Milltown Restoration Plan from the NRDP FTP, follow the path outlined below. Note: you should not open documents while in the ftp site as it may really mess up your computer.
Download documents to your computer, then open them.

Visit http://www.nrdp.info/

click: FTPPublic

click: Incoming Documents

click: Milltown Restoration

click: Final Documents – supporting documents are also listed at this location

click: Design Summary – includes Design Summary and Implementation Plan along with appendices

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