February 3, 2008

Archived issues of CFRTAC newsletters dating back to 1998 are available online. Check them out after the jump.

Fall 2005 (PDF)
Meetings Highlight Public Outreach in the Milltown Design Review - Draft Remedial Design Work Plan Released - Stimson Dam Removal Begins - What’s Inside the Milltown Statement of Work

Summer 2005 (PDF)
Milltown Reservoir Consent Decree Released - The Clark Fork River A Year After the Record of Decision: An Interview with EPA’s Retiring Superfund Manager Bob Fox - Milltown Monitoring Plan Kicks Off Design Review Process - Butte Priority Soils - Warm Springs Ponds Update

January 2005 (PDF)
Milltown Reservoir Record of Decison Released - Redevelopment Working Group Public Meetings

Fall 2004 (PDF)
Milltown Dam and Sediment Removal Likely to Begin in 2005 - Upper Clark Fork Basin Consent Decree Released -CFRTAC to Play Key Role on Milltown Design Review Team - After the Cleanup — Milltown Redevelopment Working Group Explores Economic Opportunities

Evaluating the EPA Upper River Plan (PDF) September 2002
One Rancher’s Opinion - Improving the EPA Plan for Landowners
A Discussion with Technical Advisor Jim Kuipers - How Will the Plan Affect You?

Public Involvement in the Process (PDF) October 2001
US Army Corps of Engineers Releases Long Awaited Report on Feasibility of Removing Milltown Tailings
Remedy Review Board Releases Comments

Clark Fork River fisheries — The Future? (PDF) January 2001
Milltown: Fish versus Multi-Agencies
CFRTAC Progress

EPA Proceeding with Feasibility Studies for Clark Fork River and Milltown Dam
(PDF) September 2000
Milltown Reservoir Sediments Operable Units
Clark Fork River Operable Units
Milltown Reservoir OU Remediation Alternatives
The Alternatives
CFRTAC Opinion

Superfund Moving Ahead Again (PDF) May 2000
Milltown Reservoir Sediments Operable Units
Clark Fork River Operable Units
Warm Springs Ponds Operable Units
Clark Fork River ERA Results in Controversy
EPA’s Nine Superfund Selection Criteria
PLACE Organized

Milltown Dam and its Contaminated Sediments: Will they stay or will they go, and who will decide? (PDF) November 1999
Agencies and their Roles
CFRTAC Board Member Len Schombel Honored as Outstanding Senior Volunteer
Clark Fork River Ecological Risk Assessment to be Released in November 1999

The Ecological Risk Assessment Controversy: What’s the nature of the secret talks between the EPA and the other public trustees? (PDF) April 1999
Total Versus Dissolved Metals
Site-Specific Water Quality Standards and Water-Effects Ratios
Risk and Impact or Remediation versus Restoration
Bull Trout and Westslope Cutthroat Trout
What’s Next for the Ecological Risk Assessment

EPA releases studies on the relationship between the Clark Fork River and Historic Mine Tailings (PDF) August 1998
What is Fluvial Geomorphology?
What are the results of the studies?
How will the results be used?

Clark Fork River and Milltown Reservoir decisions one year away (PDF) May 1998
Here’s What’s on the Horizon
Is the Public Being Excluded from the Ecological Risk Assessment Process?
News from the Chairperson: “MTAC + UPTAC = CFRTAC”
Human Health Risk: Studies Along the Clark Fork River
Warms Springs Ponds Fall Short of Expectations
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