February 15, 2008

From Diana Hammer, the EPA’s community involvement coordinator for Milltown, comes this update on EPA’s response to problems with wells related to the Milltown cleanup.

EPA continues its responsive, pro-active program to address well problems associated with the reservoir draw down. EPA is working with the University of Montana and Missoula County to collect information, identify at-risk wells and correct problems.

As of Monday (2/11/08), EPA has:

Installed 44 new wells and pumps (5 in East Missoula)
Contracts issues for 4 new wells
Checked 256 wells
Paid for 87 service calls
Lowered 11 pumps
Replaced 5 pumps
Installed 22 filtration systems
Installed 2 public water supply wells

EPA is also entering into a cooperative agreement with the Sunny Meadows Water and Sewer District to provided funding for installation of an “auxiliary” well before the Stage 2 draw down. Sunny Meadows serves 54 residences in East Missoula, just down stream of the Milltown Reservoir project area.

For more information about the well program, please contact EPA at (406)

Also, EPA will be hosting an open house and public meeting on
Wednesday, March 12 in the Bonner School Gym to discuss upcoming project
events. There will be an OPEN HOUSE from 5:30-6:30 followed by the meeting from
6:30-8:30 pm.

For more information, please call Diana Hammer, at (406) 457-5040.

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