February 19, 2007

Milltown work

Details of the infrastructure needed to carry out the Milltown cleanup are available in the recently released Final Design Report (FDR) for site infrastructure. The FDR includes the final designs for site layout and access improvements, flood control berm and temporary bypass inlet and outlet structures, landfill material removal, growth media salvage and construction of the Milltown rail spur and loading pad. Text of the report (1.3 MB) is available here (PDF).

The entire report, with appendices, is available at Envirocon’s FTP site. Details after the jump.

Click on this link and an ftp session should open in your internet browser.

1. You should see the folder “Stage 1B Element 1 FDR”. Open this folder and the various subfolders containing the PDF files making up the report will appear. Because of their large file size, FDR appendices are provided as separate PDF files to reduce download time for those only interested in certain portions of the report.
2. Drag and drop the desired files from the ftp window to your desktop (or other directory where you would like the files to reside) and allow them to download to your computer.
3. Do not attempt to open the files directly from the ftp window.

If you have any problems downloading this file call Zac Collins in EMC2’s Bozeman office at 406-522-0251 extension 113 for technical support.

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