February 19, 2007

The EPA’s weekly Milltown update (Feb. 13) finds things on track on with the cleanup. Highlights from the last week include:

* Installation of the silt fencing along the Clark Fork River was completed last week. Silt fencing will help keep soils from eroding into the river from storm water run-off.
* Clark Fork River flood berm construction began last week. Upon its comple- tion, construction of the flood berm on the Blackfoot River will begin. All flood berms will be finished by April 2007—before high flow.
* Work will continue on construction of on-site haul road at the base of I-90.
* Soils gradation work will also continue. This work is needed to ensure that riprap and soils used on site are appropriate for construction of the by-pass channel berms, haul roads, flood berms, etc.

Read more about it here (PDF).

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