Last Remnants of Milltown Dam Set for Removal

March 12, 2009

Coffer Dam

The Milltown Dam’s last remnants will likely be completely removed this month, reports the EPA in its latest Milltown update (PDF). The spillway cofferdam (pictured above in the lower left) will be breached during the week of March 23. That breach, nearly a year after the initial breach, will allow the Clark Fork River to reclaim its historic channel at the foot of the Milltown Bluff.

Divider Block

Before the spillway cofferdam breach, the concrete divider block (pictured above) will be removed the week of March 16. Elsewhere in the project site, the EPA reports that nearly 75 percent of the contaminated sediments have been removed from the remediation area. Upriver, as part of an effort to minimize runoff impacts this spring, the state’s contractors have begun removing an estimated 100,000 tons of contaminated sediment.
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