March 20, 2008

Bypass Outlet Work
Bypass outlet work

Some amazing work is going on at the Milltown Reservoir Sediments Superfund site. The bypass channel for the Clark Fork River River is nearly open for business. Read the EPA’s press release (PDF) about the breaching of the channel’s inlet and also the agency’s most recent weekly update (PDF). And, after the jump, check out the aerial photos from Gary Matson, a West Riverside resident, community volunteer extraordinaire, and Cessna pilot as well as earthbound ones from CFRTAC coordinator, Michael Kustudia.

Outlet Breached
Outlet breached

With Interstate 90 in the foreground, the outlet to the bypass channel was breached on March 18. (Photo courtesy of Gary Matson.)

Full length bypass channel
Full length bypass channel

The photo above shows the bypass channel as it was filling with water from the Blackfoot River shortly after the breach of the outlet berm. (Photo: Michael Kustudia)

Clark Fork bypass inlet
Clark Fork bypass inlet

On the upstream end of the bypass channel is the inlet, which will be breached Friday, March 21. (Photo: Gary Matson).

Excavator truck
Excavator and truck

Meanwhile, excavation of the former Milltown Reservoir’s sediments continues. Note stumps and logs from the Clark Fork’s original floodplain. (Photo: Michael Kustudia)

Loading sediments and inlet work
Loading sediments and inlet work

This photo shows rail cars being loaded with sediment for shipment to BP-ARCO’s repository at the Anaconda Superfund site and, in the mid-upper right corner, inlet work being done. (Photo: Michael Kustudia)

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