June 4, 2008

Spillway Removal
Spillway removal

Work on removing the Milltown Dam’s spillway began this week and is expected to be completed this fall. Check out the EPA’s weekly update (PDF) for the latest and some project photos from this week’s Design Review Team tour. (Photos: Michael Kustudia)

Truck and excavator

An excavator loads a haul truck, which carries the rubble to the nearby Tunnel Pond.

Tunnel Pond

Tunnel Pond with soil salvaged from an old dump site.

Full bypass channel

The Clark Fork River high water flows through the bypass channel toward its confluence with the Blackfoot River. The river left side of the channel has evenly spaced boulder clusters to offer resting areas for migrating fish.

Wetland salvage area

This roughly three-acre patch of wetland vegetation will be salvaged and transplanted under the Natural Resource Damage Program’s restoration plan for the Milltown site.

Clark Fork River Upstream

An upstream view of Clark Fork River that falls within NRD’s restoration plan. With this year’s slightly higher than normal flows, and the bypass channel, the river has eroded a piece of the north bank. Much of the floodplain will be re-contoured in order to connect it with excavated Superfund remediation area downstream.

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