June 15, 2006

The preliminary design report (PDF 1.6MB) for the infrastructure needed for the cleanup at Milltown is available on Design Review FTP site. (Look for the complete document with appendices titled Stage 1B, Element 1, PDR. Here are instructions for opening the FTP files (PDF).

The Milltown Reservoir cleanup is a major construction project and this report describes conceptually everything necessary to carry out the work. It includes the construction of flood control berms, haul roads, rail spurs, and offices. It also explains how the old landfill will be removed, where borrow areas for soil and fill will be and how stormwater will be managed. Check back soon for CFRTAC’s summary-review.

Comments from Milltown Design Review Team (DRT) members (PDF) on this PDR are due to EPA on June 23rd. The interested public can contact DRT members directly or CFRTAC with comments and questions.

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