July 9, 2008


Work at the Milltown Dam continues as Envirocon excavators with hammer attachments break up the spillway, which is on track to be fully removed by fall. Check out the EPA’s recent updates, July 2 (PDF) and July 9 (PDF), for the latest on remediation activities.

A recent photo overview of the spillway removal and sediment excavation follows after the jump.

Spillway and confluence

Spillway in the foreground and confluence of the muddier Blackfoot and the Clark Fork bypass channel. (Photos: Michael Kustudia)

Tunnel Pond Excavators

Rubble from the spillway is trucked to the nearby old Tunnel Pond, where it is spread and eventually capped.

Loaded train

Meanwhile, excavation of contaminated sediments continues. More than a million tons have been shipped to BP-ARCO’s repository at the Anaconda Superfund site.

Excavating contaminated sediments

A closer look at excavation.

Excavated cell with pine stumps

An excavated cell with old pine stumps from the original Clark Fork flood plain.

Milltown Aerial June 18, 2008

Aerial view of the Milltown Reservoir Superfund Site taken on June 18, 2008.

(Photo: Michael Kustudia / Gary Matson)

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