August 7, 2006

CFRTAC technical advisor Chris Brick recently reviewed water quality monitoring data for the Milltown and wrote this summary for July (PDF). The upshot: turbidity, sediment levels and dissolved metals, including arsenic, were all low, roughly typical for this time of year. The report touches on the fish mortalities in early July. “It’s possible,” she writes, “that the fine, organic sediment from the reservoir, combined with high temperature, contributed to the growth of pathogenic organisms that killed the fish. In response, the EPA called for a halt to the drawdown until water temperatures cool off - likely in late August.”

For citizen watchdogs interested in the water quality monitoring, CFRTAC has produced a brief guide to the water quality monitoring spreadsheets . River water quality is being monitored closely, and the results are available daily at the following website: (Drag the “Surface Water Monitoring Data” folder to your desktop and open it on your computer, not on the ftp site.) The CFRTAC guide includes definitions and explanations of the terms and abbreviations used in the monitoring data.

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