September 1, 2005

The Milltown Reservoir Sediments Design Review Team is charged with offering a peer review on the technical details involved in the removal of the Milltown Dam and sediments, and advising the parties responsible for the cleanup on behalf of various stakeholders. As the only nongovernmental group involved in the process, CFRTAC, in cooperation with Missoula County, will provide information and opportunity for comment to public interest organizations and the public at large.

Timelines for the Milltown cleanup are tight and the contractors have concerns about delays possible in the public process. Still, there is a high level of public interest in the Milltown cleanup. The purpose of the design review team is to move efficiently through the design process and allow for public participation.

Check out CFRTAC’s fact sheet on Milltown Design Review Outreach (PDF) and see how to get involved.

Anyone who wants to help define CFRTAC’s role in the Design Review Team and outreach effort is welcome to attend a meeting noon October 4, at the River City Grill in Bonner. Or call Jim Kuipers at 406-782-3441, or Michael Kustudia at 541-8099.

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