September 21, 2006

Dust at ARCO's Repository

CFRTAC recently submitted comments to the EPA, the DEQ, BP-ARCO and others on the ARCO fugitive dust management plan for its repository near Opportunity. Highlights from CFRTAC’s cover letter (PDF) on the comments on ARCO’s proposed management plan summarize the plan’s shortcomings:

The plan does not contain a clear or tangible commitment to prevent or respond to future dust events beyond whatever ARCO or its contractors may voluntarily choose to do.

It has not resulted in noticeable efforts or been noticeably effective in addressing ongoing dust events.

While improvement has been noticeable on streamside tailings areas in terms of application of BMPs, and communication efforts were noted, these actions do not in themselves constitute an adequate response to the larger issue of the dust problem.

And finally, it is the responsibility of the agencies to require ARCO to address this matter immediately and it is ARCO’s responsibility to present a real solution rather than additional reasons to allow fugitive dust to escape from its property.

The ARCO’s plan is available here (PDF) and along with CFRTAC’s review (PDF). The dust plan will be discussed at a community meeting on Sept. 28 (PDF).

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