October 3, 2005

The draft Remedial Design Work Plan for the Milltown Reservoir cleanup (PDF, 87 pages, 314K) offers a detailed view and timeline of the work to come in the next few years. The plan also spells out the task-specific approaches and schedules to develop preliminary, draft final and/or final design plans, field sampling plans, health and safety plans, construction drawings, technical specifications, remedial action work plans and other provisions necessary to guide the cleanup.

Check out CFRTAC’s summary of the draft Remedial Design Work Plan (PDF). The comment period closed Oct. 31, 2005. See CFRTAC’s comments (PDF) on the plan.

The entire 240-page plan, with appendices, is found here (7.7 MB). Hard copies are available at the Missoula County Health Dept. Call 258-4968 for more information on accessing hard copy documents.

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