November 22, 2006

Envirocon has released for review a draft Milltown Project Emergency Action Plan (MPEAP) that compiles contingency plans detailing actions to be taken to prevent and/or respond to potential emergencies at the Milltown Reservoir Sediments Site during the construction period.

The draft MPEAP includes slip sheets for the existing contingency and complete versions of the following new draft plans:

* Contingency Plan for Fuel or Chemical Waste Spills Entering Surface Waters;
* Contingency Plan for Overtopping and/or Failure of Flood Control Structures;
* Contingency Plan for Flood or Ice Event Damaging Erosion Control Structures;
* Contingency Plan for Exceedance of the Storm Water Collection and Treatment System Design Capacity;
* Contingency Plan for Storm Water Collection and Treatment System Failures;
* USACE Contingency Plan for Settlement of the I-90 during the Dewatering Pilot Test; and
* Contingency Plan for Stability Issues Associated with Dewatering Pilot Test.

The draft plan is available at Envirocon’s FTP site or here (PDF, 1MB).

Comments on the draft are due to the EPA by December 4. The Milltown Design Review Team will likely meet to discuss the plan in early December. CFRTAC’s comments are available here (PDF).

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