May 24, 2010

Clark Fork River Superfund news received a fair amount of media coverage this spring from Butte to Missoula.

In Butte, city planner and local legislator Jon Sesso made his case in two columns for using Natural Resource Damage Program funds to build a new museum in the Mining City. Similary, a Montana Standard op-ed came out in favor the project.

Downstream, Butte news broadcasters KXLF looked at the status of the cleanup along Silver Bow Creek and the Clark Fork River.

At Milltown, the Missoulian reported on the shift from remediation to restoration and the hand off from the EPA to the State. Other articles looked at local concerns about the I-90 bridge piers in the Blackfoot River, and also the proposed state park at the confluence. Yet another highlighted environmental education efforts at the Milltown site.

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