The performance of Silver Bow Creek / Butte Area Superfund cleanup is the subject of a Five-Year Review recently launched by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Montana Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ).

Required under the Superfund law, CERCLAthe Five-Year Review is a regular checkup on a site to ensure that clean-up decisions continue to protect people and the environment. The review team, comprising several EPA project managers and their consultants, will address the status of the cleanup and the laws that apply to five sub-divisions (operable units) of the Silver Bow/ Butte Superfund site:

  • Butte Mine Flooding (Berkeley Pit - remedy in place)
  • Butte Priority Soils (mine waste, tailings and residential soil and dust cleanup-ongoing)
  • Rocker Timber Framing and Treatment Plant (soil and groundwater cleanup completed)
  • Warm Springs Ponds (three treatment ponds at Clark Fork River headwaters completed)
  • Stream Side Tailings (From Colorado Tailings, west of Butte, to Warm Springs Ponds - ongoing)

The review team members collect information about site clean-up activities. They talk with people who have been working at the site over the past five years, as well as local officials, to see if changes in resources, working conditions, local policy or zoning might affect the original clean-up plan. The team will visit the site to see if the cleanup equipment is working properly. They may take new samples and they will review records of activities during the past five years. EPA will also be meeting with citizens individually or as a group about the cleanup.

For more information, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., EPA Community Involvement Coordinator,  or phone toll free at 1-866-457-2690.

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