The Helena Independent-Record recently profiled Julie DalSoglio, the new director of the  Environmental Protection Agency's Montana Office.

DalSoglio has worked in the Helena office for 20 years and replaces John Wardell, who died in a climbing accident last summer. “He was a wonderful mentor and very supportive of me for a lot of years,” DalSoglio told the IR. “He was very good at giving people opportunities. He trained me so well for so many things that I didn’t have to walk into this job cold. I knew the issues and the players.”

DalSoglio spent a decade working on Superfund issues and was a project manager for the Milltown site in the early 1990s. With a background in public administration and political science, she's a bit different than most EPA staff, with education in the sciences or engineering.  “My degrees involve how citizens and governments make decisions, how people come together to make policy decisions,” DalSoglio said.

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