April 24, 2007

This month’s CFRTAC Montana Public Radio Commentary (PDF) details a Natural Resource Damage Program proposal to remove additional contaminated sediments at the Milltown Reservoir Superfund site. CFRTAC technical advisor Chris Brick (also a staff scientist at the Clark Fork Coalition) makes the case for removing more than 350,000 cubic yards of heavy-metal contaminated sediments from what will become the old river channel of the Clark Fork River.

Under the current cleanup plan, these toxic sediments will be left in place and armored with rip-rap. “If, instead,” she writes, “these sediments were excavated and removed, along with the rest of the contaminated material, we wouldn’t have to worry about the potential for any left-over contamination problems coming back to haunt us.”

The Clark Fork Coalition has proposed removing the sediments through the Natural Resource Damage Program. Read the project abstract here, and check out the Missoulian’s coverage.

April 24, 2007

EPA reports another good week of rip-rapping, berm-building, and soil stockpiling work at the Milltown Reservoir Supefund site. And to boot, nearly 37,000 hours of work have gone into the site with nary an injury.  Read more about it here (PDF).

April 13, 2007

Building the Blackfoot Berm

Berms are being built along the Blackfoot River and Envirocon has begun installing sheet piling in preparation for construction of the bypass channel. There’s lots going on with the Milltown Reservoir Superfund Site and lots of updates. Check out Missoula County’s April update (PDF) as well as weekly updates from the EPA for April 11 , and April 4 (PDF's). Also see the Missoulian’s coverage of the work at Milltown.

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