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The Last Sediment Train from Milltown

September 24, 2009

Another major milestone was quietly celebrated at the Milltown Superfund site as the last car of the last train of sediment was loaded and shipped on Sept. 24 to the BP-ARCO repository near Opportunity.

About fifty people gathered to watch and celebrate the event, which marks the near-conclusion of the remediation effort.

For just shy of two years, one train of 45 cars made a daily trip to the Anaconda Superfund site to deposit the sediment, which has been used to cap existing waste from the Anaconda Smelter. Another train of the same size would make the return at night. Strung together over the two years, the two trains and their trips equal a train 300 miles long.

More than 2.2 million cubic yards of contaminated sediment was removed from the former reservoir. And additional sediment - roughly 650,000 cubic yards - will be removed as part of the state's restoration efforts.

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